The Best 3 Penis Pumps for You

Do you simply want a harder, bigger dick?

I have found out that water-assited penis pumps work best.

They can be used discreetly in the bathroom and should produce results in minutes.


Which one is the best?

Once you’re finally committed to purchasing a pump, the next step is deciding which model is best for you. This can seemingly be a difficult decision since so many models exist on the market today, and unfortunately not all of them are of the best quality.

One model, however, that has received the highest ratings and accolades from satisfied customers is the HydroMax.

The HydroMax is different from other models is that it offers an innovative design that can use both water and air to achieve superior results.

The HydroMax has been designed by industry experts who have decades of combined experience and have now collaborated to produce what is considered by many to be the best penis pump ever sold.

Take a look at comparison table below:


The best for:

Bath Mate

You get:

X4 Big Man

the best of cheap

  • Fast penis enlargement
  • Harder and longer erections
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Boost ejaculation volume
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Firmer, instant erections
  • Increased size and stamina
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use
  • Improves Erection
  • Affordable yet high quality
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What to Expect after using a Penis Pump


After using HydroMax only once, you will notice that your penis is longer, thicker, and heavier.

  • You have a better sex.
  • You get stronger orgasm.
  • Your girl begs for more sex with you!

resultsMost men will see a difference in length & girth in both flaccid & erect states. Smaller-sized men tend to see the best results. After sex, your penis will start reducing in size over the next several hours. These devices are not overnight miracles but used frequently, they may result in permanent increases.

Visualize someone who goes to the gym once to work out. His muscles will be pumped up while working out but he will look the same as before once he leaves the gym. Over time, if he continues going to the gym frequently, his muscles will bulk up and stay that way. This is pretty much the same way that penis pumps work. The devices are exercisers/developers and will, over time, pump-up your penis size if used regularly. You should start to notice a visible difference anywhere between 1 and 3 months of use.

How does it work?

how-does-it-workIt is a sexual enhancement device that has been used by thousands of men over the years for the purpose of increasing both the length and girth of the penis. Inevitably, the results have varied depending largely on the quality of the device used.

It works by creating a vacuum force in order to increase blood flow to the shaft and head of the penis.

You simply inserts your dick into an elongated tube and presses the pump against the groin area until a vacuum is created. The next step is simply utilizing the pumping mechanism, usually a bulb, which helps to gently increase pressure on the penis and greatly increase the amount of blood to the tissues, helping the penis to expand and lengthen.

bigger-dickThe end result is a l a r g e r, harder penis.

The good news for men who have been unsure about whether or not to purchase a pump is that quality has greatly improved within the last few years, with several models released on the market that have been medically engineered to offer superior results or your money back.

So is such a device right for you?

Well, that depends on what you wish to achieve from using a vacuum device. Some men have reported better overall sexual function and even permanent gains in length after pumping regularly for weeks.

best-penis-pumpPenis pumps are specifically designed to be used to increase the size of the penis as well as to help men to achieve harder erections on demand.

The result is often a more satisfying sexual experience for both you and your partner.

Air vs water pumps

There simply isn’t a comparison between the older air pumps that are often sold through men’s magazines and on websites versus the newer water pumps, such as the HydroMax, that offer additional features which help men to achieve amazing results instantly.

One major advantage of water pumps is that they’re much more safer to use than air ones. The reason for this is that by using water, pressure can be applied to the penis slowly and is a more uniform manner, helping men to produce amazing erections while at the same time preventing strains and other injuries that may result from using a device too aggressively.

Water also produces a better vacuum force and a stronger suction on the member, ultimately allowing for more blood to flow down the shaft and produce better results than the less efficient air models.

best-hydromax-penis-pumpSimply put, water pumps like the HydroMax produce consistent results and are much more safe to use. So it isn’t any wonder then that so many men have switched to only using water pumps after seeing the amazing results that such devices can provide.

Men’s expectations are usually very high once they’ve purchased a vacuum device and with quality water pumps they’re rarely disappointed. First, there are the instant results to be had, such as a larger penis and stiffer erections. Beyond that, however, is the possibility for permanent increases in length for those men who use the device regularly.

Countless number of men have reported not only increased length when erect, but also a larger penis size when flaccid.

Other male enhancement products

Pumps are much more convenient than many of the alternatives on the market today. Unlike prescription medications, there isn’t an ongoing monthly cost required and they can be purchased online, helping you to maintain your privacy, while good medications legally cannot be bought on the internet.

Best of all, only 15 minutes to see results.

You can use it while showering or in the privacy of bathrooms.

HydroMax have been designed with ease of use in mind, so that anyone can quickly learn how to use it efficiently in just a few minutes out of the box.

How did I start?

low-self-esteemWhen I decided to finally purchase a pump after many years of sitting on the fence, I did all the necessary research required in order to make an informed decision. I read all the blogs and looked at all the studies available to choose the model that would work best for me. Ultimately, I’m very satisfied to have chosen the HydroMax water pump and feel that I made the best decision to buy it.

I have used the pump daily over the last few weeks and have seen exceptional results that are beyond my initial expectations.

Even with daily use, I’ve experienced no discomfort or injury, while simultaneously achieving real results.

The instructional DVD provided by the manufacturer with the pump was particularly useful in helping to guide me through the first few exercises, before I learned how to use the different gaiters to see better results.

Additionally, the product’s website is filled with a plethora of information that one can not only use to initially research the HydroMax, but also read after purchasing it in order to learn a few more tips and strategies to maximize gains.

In Conclusion

So that brings us back to our original question…Should you use these gadgets?

My answer depends on if you really want to try one. If you are reading this article, then you must have an interest in trying them as a solution to your problem.

While I won’t say that a pump is your best option, it might be worth trying if you think it will work. My advice is to choose a reputable device with a solid, money-back guarantee so you can return it if you are dissatisfied. As long as you do that, it will be a win-win situation.


Personally, I am not willing to allow someone to perform surgery on my penis nor do I desire to take prescription pills because of the nasty side-effects. I also won’t purchase cheap penis pills online because I don’t know what I’m getting.

Pumps are reasonably priced and are reportedly an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Some users report that the erections caused by these devices don’t feel completely real. Others say that their erections are spongy-feeling, purplish in color, and cold/numb. However, research and clinical studies claim that a high percentage of men with erectile dysfunction are quite satisfied with the erections produced by pumps. One thing is for certain…it is better to have even a “spongy-feeling” erection than not to have one at all.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the HydroMax pump to men like myself who demand convenience, safety, and quick results from such a device. You won’t be disappointed by the HydroMax pump. Overall, it is the best value on the market today.