Do Penis Pumps Work?

In a word, yes. 🙂

There are two main functions for a penis pump:

  1. vacuum-enlargerIt can be used to assist a man to get an erection.
  2. To make your penis larger long-term.

The principle is the same.

The vacuum applied causes the cells in the penis chambers to expand.

If it is being used to achieve an erection, a cock ring is used to keep the blood in the penis so you can remove the vacuum device and go ahead and have sex with your partner.

In order to make the penis larger, the pump is left on for longer periods. The blood vessels and flesh of the penis will expand into the vacuum.

Over time, the penis will adapt to the larger size and will stay that way permanently.

What do doctors say?

There is actual medical evidence that this can help with medical conditions, particularly after a radical prostatectomy, where the prostate gland has been completely removed. In this case, there can be nerve damage. If the penis is not made erect in a sufficient period, the flesh of the penis can atrophy. The pump causes the blood flow to force an erection and the atrophy process can be halted.

doctorPenis pumps work on solid, scientific principles.

You’ve heard the old adage, “Nature hates vacuums.” Whenever a vacuum is created, something will try to rush in to fill it. With a penis pump, a vacuum is created and the blood in the body tries to fill it. When the blood moves into the vacuum, it causes the blood vessels and the spongy material in the penis to expand. This results in an erection.

What types of pumps are there?

They are several different types of vacuum devices. Most of them use air, while a few use water. Although the water assisted pumps are much more effective, the air ones are more popular.

One thing that is highly recommended by the American Urological Association is to have a vacuum limiter on the pump. This limiter will not allow you to go over a safe vacuum strength. It is possible to experience severe damage to the tissue of the penis by forcing it to expand too far.

In general, you should use the pump for 30 minutes up to 3 times a week.

You should speak with your physician if you don’t see results in two weeks, though.

Every penis pump has some basic features:

The first is a tube or chamber. The tube is where the penis is inserted. This is the area where the vacuum will be created.

The next feature is the seal. In order for the pump to work properly, there has to be a seal. The seal will affix to the body or to the base of the penis. Without a seal, the gadget won’t work.

There are several styles of pumps to choose from:

  • Bulb Pump – At the top of a bulb pump is a short hose and a small rubber bulb. There is a one way valve on the bulb. Air is pushed out through the bulb and out of the cylinder.
  • Trigger Penis Pump – This has a trigger style handle that fits comfortably into the hand. This does the same thing as the bulb but is more comfortable and less likely to cause hand cramping.
  • Automatic Pump – This devise uses a small air pump to pump the air out of the chamber. This device will have a vacuum regulator to prevent over pumping.

Each type of pump will have a positive effect if used correctly and observing the necessary precautions.