Types of Penis Pumps

There are lots of types of penis pumps. Some are just minor enhancements, other are completely different. To make it easy for you to choose the one that will work best for you, we have simply listed them with a short description of the features they include.

All pumps have a couple of things in common: There is a chamber in which the penis is inserted. There is a seal at the bottom to create the vacuum. Each one has some type of pump, either hand operated or electric, that will remove the air from the tube.

Bullfighter-PumpBulb pump – This the most basic type. It consists of the chamber, seal and hose. At the end of the hose is rubber bulb with a one way valve that removes the air from the chamber. Caution should be used with this style, as the least expensive versions do not have a safety valve.

Pistol-Grip-Penis-PumpTrigger pump – This is the same basic idea, except that the pump it as trigger handle. It is much more comfortable than the bulb and less likely to cause hand cramping.

Vacuum-PumpFinger Trigger pump – This is again the same basic style, except that the air extraction mechanism is finger operated. This might be convenient, but might also have the potential to cause hand cramps.

Automatic Pump – This type of pump uses a small electric pump to remove the air. Each pump is designed to stop after a certain amount of pressure so they are much safer to use. The shape of the pump can vary from a simple box to something that has a pistol grip.

Penis-Head-EnlargerHead pump – The head pump works only on the head of the penis to increase endurance and the size of the head of the penis.

There are several types of automatic pumps that also include vibrators and strokers. There are designed to not only increase the size of the penis, but also to be used a sexual device.

There are also several that are designed with pressure gauges on the side that allow the user to set the pressure levels for themselves. This type of pump can be used to for higher levels of pressure since the user is in complete control.

The purpose for the vibration and the strokers is that they aid in the increasing of the erection for those who need the stimulation after surgery or injury. Of course, it is still possible to use them simply for the pleasure of it.

Pressure-GaugePressure Gauge – There are penis pumps that have pressure gauges specifically for the purpose of allowing the user to monitor the pressure being put on the penis. Sometimes the user can adjust the pressure; others are just so you can see the effects that it is having.

The Size

One thing that most people don’t realize is that pumps are available in different sizes. There are small, medium and large so choose one that fits your current size and allows you to grow your penis significantly.

The Materials

The chamber is made of either plastic or metal. Made with high quality rubber and other materials, these are very often near-surgical quality. It is extremely important to purchase a pump that is made from quality materials.

This is an important point: You get what you pay for with penis pumps. The more you spend, the more likely you will get a high quality product. Don’t skimp when it comes to purchasing the right product.

Bigger head or longer penis?

We should explain the difference between a penis pump and a head pump. The purpose of the penis pump is to increase the size of the entire penis. The head pump will allow the head of the penis to grow. This can be extremely important for pleasuring a partner. Also, it will slow down the stimulation of the head, allowing for longer intercourse before ejaculation.


Editor’s Choice: Water Assisted Pumps

These are pumps that are generally used in the bath. The thing that can make them safer and easier to use is that the water acts as a natural lubricant.

Water assisted penis pumps won our test for effectiveness. We have found then as the most comfortable and safe to use. Penomet™ is our recommendation to you if you are looking for the best performing vacuum device.

No matter what pump you choose, remember the one rule: You get what you pay for. This part of your body should not be the part that you get frugal about.