Water vs. Air: Which Is Better?

After seeing the fast results of a penis pump, it is understandable to want one yourself? Guys are using pumps every day with great success and you should be one of those guys. To get started, you’re going to need to make an immediate decision: should you be getting a water pump or an air pump?

Let’s take a look at a few specific areas where pumps work and see which type of pump has an advantage.

How Easy Is a Pump To Use?

Air pumps will have a chamber that straps on in just seconds. Once properly sealed, you begin to place pressure on your penis with a hand pump or a motorized unit. Over the course of minutes, with careful pressure regulation, you’ll have a successful pumping experience and a massive erection.

Water pumps slip on quickly because they are an all-in-one unit. All you need to do is make sure the chamber is filled with lukewarm water [don’t use hot!] and then seal the chamber up against your body. Pump it a few times in the shower of the bathtub and a few minutes later, you’ll get a massive erection.

water-pumpVerdict: Water pumps are more versatile and easier to put on. They’re also easier to make sure you’ve got the right amount of pressure on the penis, but both will give you results in about 7-10 minutes.

How Good Is the Erection?

Air pumps will provide a guy with a consistent erection when the right amount of pressure has been applied to the penis. As the penile tissues stretch and grow, many guys feel like their penis actually feels heavier! It will also have noticeable growth in size. Because the tissues stretch too quickly sometimes, however, some guys will feel like their erection is more like a chubby because it isn’t rock hard.

Water pumps provide a consistent, natural erection that is also noticeably larger. This happens because the pressure remains constant and steady with the chamber of a water pump. You’ll feel the need to pump it again once or twice, so as long as a guy remembers to pump again, a rock hard erection will 100% of the time be the result.

water-pumpVerdict: Water pumps provide a better experience. What woman wants to have sex when all you can present is a squishy penis?

What About the Cost?

Air pumps are very affordable and cost less than a night out on the town. For about $60, you’ll be able to get a high quality unit from several different manufacturers. Many of them at this price point have pressure regulators and motors included as well. They are often available at local stores. Some health insurance plans even cover the cost of an air pump if there is a documented medical need, such as erectile dysfunction.

Water pumps are only available online and have a 50% price premium at minimum for an entry-level model. To get a solid, long-lasting pump that will help you grow in size over time, you’ll likely invest between $150-$200. Most insurance plans will not cover a water pump.

air-pumpVerdict: For guys who are on a budget, an air pump is always the way to go. Entry-level models cost about the same as a good sandwich and a coffee at the local deli or cafe.

How Long Does the Extended Length Last?

Air pumps will provide a guy with an erection and extended size that will last for several hours before it begins to retract. The size may change after an orgasm to reduce back to “normal” size and the temperature of the environment may also have an effect.

Water pumps will also provide a guy with a bigger penis for several hours at a time with the same issues that can create reductions in size.

air-vs-water-pumpsVerdict: Tie. Air pumps and water pumps can provide the same amount of extension time when used properly.

How Versatile Is the Penis Pump?

Air pumps must be used in a dry environment in order to work effectively. If the air in your home is humid, then you may not get an effective result.

Water pumps can be used in any environment. They actually work better in a humid environment when a guy’s body has been exposed to warm water for a few minutes. Showers and baths are the perfect place to use them, but a water pump can also be used like an air pump.

water-pumpVerdict: Water pumps by far are more versatile. You can use them at the proper time when the penis is ready to grow properly because the tissues have been “warmed up” and are more likely to stretch.

As you can see, water pumps are the superior type of pump.

Any erection is better than having no erection, but if you want a rock solid erection that will feel natural and last for a long time, then ignore the air pump if you can afford to do so and get a water pump today.